Motto "Aigüa" Artist José Jarauta "pepo" Category 1 b We turn around Africa and women, the two most important elements of life, because both are creators and maintainers of life itself, to treat, as the slogan says, water, an element of vital importance for our life . In the fault we will refer to him in a dreamlike, poetic and of course critical way, giving him the figurative sense, the illusions, our projects, our dreams ... which are of vital importance for our life, for all and all those that conform Our life and our surroundings.   Within the aesthetics that the continent richest in resources that we have in the planet, Africa We see different scenes where aesthetics and African life gives us to understand the importance of women and water in life. The different scenes where we will criticize ... that of all our waters ... can not drink ... although it is unfair.  L'aigua that the recent elected president of the United States ... will not be the same as all those who make up his societat ... That yes, it may be that a good model of black race, can savor the success of his victory as president of the United States